As a homeowner or prospective homeowner, it’s very important to understand how Maui’s property taxes work.

The County of Maui has a brochure called “Understanding Property Taxes” that is very helpful. This brochure outlines important dates, such as Dec 31 deadline for filing exemption cliams, the due dates for taxes, deadlines for filing tax apeals, important #s to call, how properties are assessed/apprasied and more.  There is also a website,

Every year the County Council decides on the tax rates. The tax year runs from July 1-June 30th. August 20th is when the 1st half year taxes are due. Feb 20th are when the 2nd half taxes are due. The latest tax rates as of this blog, for the 2012-2013 year are as follows:

Residential $5.75, Apartment $6.20, Commercial $6.90, Industrial $7.10, Agricultural $6.00, Conservation $6.20, Hotel & Resort $9.15, Time Share $15.50, Homeowner $2.75, Commercialized Residential $4.50.

There are a few opportunities for exemptions which can reduce your taxes. The most common is the homeowner exemption. See a link to our blog about the homeowner exemption at

There is a minimum rate of $250 for properties that meet the county’s criteria.

The County of Maui’s tax division can be reached at 270-7297 for further questions about property taxes.