The cat's out of the bag. Most buyers of Maui property still think they
 can get a good discount from the listed price when they make an offer. 
Let the truth be known. If you really want that property be prepared to
offer over the listed price.

In March 2013 the medium (the price in the middle where half are under 
and half are over) list price for residential properties that sold was
$499,000.The medium sold price was $508,000. So if you really want that 
property be prepared to pay more. It's a seller's market.

For condominiums the medium list price on sold properties in March was 
$375,000. The actual sold price was also $375,000. No discounts here. 
Don't blame your agent when you make a weak offer that is no where near 
list price and get rejected. You need to be informed on what is really 
happening in the market place. Smart sellers price their property 
correctly and get multiple offers in this competitive market place. 
Call Delmore Realty, 808-242-1467, for a good marketing approach and 
honest buyer representation.

Thomas G. Delmore, Principal Broker, Delmore Realty 808-242-1467