Canoe race in the waters off Lahaina, Maui.

Tomorrow I will participate in the Pailolo Challenge tomorrow, a 25-mile race in a 6-man canoe from Maui to Molokai. I will be on a mixed (female & male) crew from the Na Kai Ewalu canoe club. Our crew will consist of a max of 12 paddlers – eight of ours will be women. Last year 68 crews finished this race. It will be my first time to do a channel crossing in a canoe. We will have an escort boat to give a chance for paddlers to trade out shifts at half hour intervals. After participating in two years of Maui canoe regatta racing (MCHCA) that normally take place in Kahului Harbor or Hanakao’o Beach at Lahaina, and then doing a few “long-distance” races along the coastline of Maui this season (Maalaea to Lahaina, Maliko to Kahului Harbor and Makena to Kihei), I am excited to step things up and cross a channel from one island to another.

So, while I’m in the water, call our office at 808-242-1467 for real estate help from principal broker Thomas G. Delmore R(B). Otherwise, always feel free to contact me Kimberly Delmore R(B) at 808-298-6655,, and I will be respond to your real estate inquiries as soon as possible.