March 10th was an exciting day for the Delmore Realty family, as I gave birth to my daughter, Madison Hana, at the Maui Memorial Medical Center on that day. She is my first child and a first grandchild for my parents, the owners of Delmore Realty, and also the first grandchild on my husband’s side of the family. She is a special girl and we are so pleased and blessed to have her now be a part of our lives.

Will she be a future real estate agent? It’s certainly in the blood, but I like to think the sky is the limit and possibilities endless for whatever she wishes to do in her future. We will do our best to nurture her to a bright future.

What about her name? My husband loved the name Madison early on in my pregnancy. Given that my dad is originally from Wisconsin and Madison is the capital of that state, that was something special about the name. Hana? Of course, beautiful Hana, Maui – Madison ran the Hana Relay with me and my husband — while I was 13 weeks pregnant with her. Hana also means work or activity in Hawaiian…and she was definitely active in my womb and I expect she will be very active as she grows up. Hana also means #1 in Korean, and flower in Japanese, and she is of Korean and Japanese descent.

I would like to thank the great staff at the Maui Memorial Medical Center, the nurses and doctors at Kaiser Permanente, and also Nancy Irvine of Valley Isle Childbirth for making my pregnancy and birth experience a smooth one for my newly expanded family. We are fortunate to live on our beautiful island of Maui and I am looking forward to raising Madison surrounded by family, friends and all the best that Maui has to offer.