Back in 1999, my son Brian (also a Delmore Realty Realtor) made a visit to the local animal shelter and came home with a poi (Heinz 57) dog. This was his idea not his Mom or mine. But this dog was cute and very smart so we said okay. Within a year Brian had departed for California for the next ten years and we had his dog. Well that dog sort of also became our dog. Now it was a 75 pound part pointer and we had a lot of learning lessons. Buddy chewed up my son’s new leather shoes and also decided he liked to bury cell phones and calculators. We set him up on a morning walk schedule. Buddy walked about 350 days a year two to three miles each day with my wife and I and our best friends, the Bowmans, and sometimes further with me. This went on for over 13 years. Brian came back about a year ago but all the really good days were gone with Buddy. Buddy was a terrific dog and a great ocean swimmer also but Buddy had developed cancer and today (10-9-12) he passed on. What a sad horrible feeling to know your best Buddy won’t be with you on those morning walks. Tears flowed from Tom, Young, Brian, Kim and Kevin today.

fetching sticks from the ocean

Tom Delmore 10/9/12